My fascination with clay is about the calm, thoughtful and endless possibility to express an idéa. The delightful fact that the mind communicates with the hand which forms a lump of clay into a solid product. A cup or a vase to both enjoy and use, every single one with its own language and expression.

This motivation drives my work. And the work I make is created with my own daily life and use in mind. Because of that; the cup ends up being both good to hold, drink from and look at. Further I’m naturally drawn to designs with clean lines and shapes, which timelessness makes the objects relevant for a long time.

You can’t find a whole collection of products within my work to set a complete table. But you can hopefully get the objects that makes it delightful and unique. And my wish is that you can enjoy these works in your everyday life. Maybe a cup that is nice and warm in your hands or that vase for a freshly picked flower.

— Trine Lise Gården